Team Building

Since team building is a collective event that includes various activities being used to enhance social relations defining the roles within the teams, the King of Shooting is gladly offering its services to the companies looking to organize the team bonding events in an informal atmosphere. During 10 years of our services, we organized more than hundreds of the team building events for the various size companies. Our team building packages are specially created to increase the interest of the team to work together and to gain some new experience. Shooting always creates good team spirit when trying to achieve the best results in shooting the target, become the fastest shooter, or the best team work. We follow the guidelines to make sure that every team visiting our ranges for bonding receives exactly the impression and experience they are looking for.

The King of Shooting´s main offer for the team building consists of two shooting events – the indoor target shooting and outdoor clay pigeon shooting. For the teams of any sizes these two shooting activities can be organized to take place in one day, or these can be split in two days. Of course, each team can set conditions for the experience more suitable for them, but as an experienced shooting provider the King of Shooting is always glad to present the custom developed team building packages to those interested.

Our team building shooting packages cover every detail - we provide the business class roundtrip transportation, billboards with the required company information, English speaking attendants and the group shooting coordinators. On a special request, we provide the events with photo models, as well as the catering and professional photographer services at the location.

If your company is interested to organize a team building event that is making a difference and binding up the team and its spirit – the King of Shooting is ready to organize an event which you and your associates will never forget.