Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide discounts?

King of Shooting automatically applies 10% discount for groups starting from 5 persons and 15% discount for groups starting from 10 persons. Please note that some prices for shooting in individual cities does not apply discounts. To avoid any misunderstanding our reservation system automatically calculates discounted price if intended on site.

Can I come by my own and not use your transport services?

Yes, it is possible to come by your own. In this case your service manager will provide you with shooting range address. Please note that in some cities you will be advised to use our transport services because of the complex route to the range with the risk to go astray on the way. In case of coming by your own any time delay of arrival at range will be removed from your reserved time at the range.

Can I take spectators with me?

Yes, you can but in case when of number of spectators we will be forced to order bigger vehicle for your group that for the exact number of persons who are going to shoot, additional fee for transportation will be applied.

Do I have to make reservation in advance?

If time allow reservation must be made in advance via e-mail to make sure we have time for your group at our range. In case of last minute reservation for immediate appearance we may have to decline your visit due the overbooked schedule at our range. But you can be sure that we will do the best we can to fit you in.

Is there a charge for transportation services?

If your group is 5 and more persons roundtrip transportation is free of charge. For groups with less than 5 persons additional fee for roundtrip transportation is 20 EUR ( group price ).

Are there any health restrictions that will prevent me from shooting?

Make sure that neither you or your group members are under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant before coming to our ranges. Those that are under the influence will not only be not allowed to handle a firearm but also will be permitted to appear at shooting gallery during the group shooting.

If you are pregnant or nursing: for the safety of you and your baby, we do not allow those that are pregnant or nursing appear at our shooting galleries during the shooting. You are welcome to use our lounge.

What is the minimum age for shooting?

Riga, Krakow, Sofia, Vilnius, Warsaw - The minimal age is 16 years old. Anyone under 18 years shooting a handgun must be accompanied by an adult ( 18+ and relative ). Vilnius, Tallinn, Prague, Brno, Budapest, Bucharest, Gdansk, Bratislava - Unfortunately minors are not allowed to shoot even if they are accompanied by the parents or some other relatives. Only 18+.

Can I create my own shooting package?

In most of the cities it is possible. For the options please require to your service manager during the reservation process. Please note that few of the cities will not offer possibility like this. In case of creating custom package you will be charged for single shot why our basic package pricing can not be taken as price example.

What’s included in the price?

Price for shooting package includes ammunition, firearms, all range fees, paper target, eye/ear protectors, ground instructor assistance and english speaking attendant. *For groups with 5 and more persons price also includes roundtrip transportation.

Do I need some identification to shoot?

For the shooting please always bring photo identification ( ie: driver's license, passport, id card ). *Exception: For shooting in Riga and Bucharest ONLY passport or id card. Any other identification is not considered valid for shooting.

Can I shoot by myself in the range?

No! Range ground instructor is present with you at all times.

Can I load and strip the firearm myself?

No! It is strictly forbidden to touch firearms and ammo without permission of the ground instructor. Any actions related to gun loading and stripping are not allowed for range visitors.

Can two people share a package?

Yes, in some cities it is possible but in this case there will be a 10 EUR additional shooter charge (max of 2 shooters per package). About possibilities in your chosen city please inquire to your service manager during the reservation process.

Can I add additional ammunition?

Yes of course. The extra ammunition will be priced using individual weapons pricing.

Can I take pictures while my friends are shooting?

Yes, of course. We will gladly place your photos on our website. We will be glad if you will use hashtag #kingofshooting when you share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter *Exception: Prague! - photo and video during the shooting is forbidden! It will be possible to make photos with unloaded guns after the shooting.

What is your refund policy?

The payment amount is subject to a 25% cancellation fee if canceled more than 24 hours in advance. The payment amount is nonrefundable if not canceled more than 24 hours in advance. If any of our ground rules will be violated by you King of Shooting will keep the rights to keep the full amount of your ordered service.