About Us

The King of Shooting is the European top-rated shooting event provider with 12 shooting ranges in Riga, Gdansk, Warsaw, Prague, Sofia and other cities. For 10 years already, the King of Shooting was building its experience in providing excellent service of the target shooting for those who are coming to Eastern Europe to spend their holidays, party events or just simply to explore the cities and diversify their activities.

The King of Shooting is not just a shooting school or establishment providing for any kind of licensed firearm storage or carrying. The King of Shooting also does not sell firearms and ammunition. Our ranges are there to provide for a shooting experience of people looking to have experience something new during their trip. Everyone is welcome in our public ranges to shoot from various handguns and rifles.

Visiting our ranges does not require any special license or experience in shooting - we are organizing an amazing opportunity to try out the real military grade firearms in the safe environment for those seeking an unforgettable experience. Besides the firearm shooting, we provide the highest-level service to each of our customers – the roundtrip transportation, English speaking guide and qualified shooting instructor. Make a difference and add the target shooting to your holiday or stag trip. We thoroughly plan each reservation from the very start to its. Our service includes customer pickup from the required location in the city, transfer to the shooting range assisted by an English-speaking attendant. Every shooting session is accompanied with a professional firearms instructor and a detailed instruction about the gun´ handling and usage. Safety comes first! After every shooting session we invite our valued customers to take some photos with discharged guns to have some memory of this experience. We appreciate each and every customer, as well as we seek for perfection with every reservation we have.

Make a difference and add target shooting to your holiday or stag trip.